Persian Merchant

Keywords: Traveler – Charismatic – Storyteller

Yaghoub is an appealing Persian Merchant with a majestuous beard neatly combed and filled with precious jewels. He is always giving you big friendly smiles, always has an incredible story to tell. But despite these classic merchant features, he also shows an astonishing sense of sharing, and an infinite kindness.

Some may think he only works as a greedy merchant to be able to travel the world on his beloved ship. In fact, each time he manages to make a good profit, he instantly spend it all on a new, bigger, longer, riskier expedition, making him the poorest merchant there is. But when you see this spark in his eyes when he tells a – mostly invented – story, you understand that he carries his true wealth inside his heart.

A terrible storm made him wreck on the shores of the island of Vinland. He survived alongside a mysterious passenger…