Lady Tomoe


Keywords: Stern – Noble – Warrior

Daughter of a powerful Daimyo, then wife of an even more powerful Daimyo in a time of war and suffering, Lady Tomoe was an Onna-Bugeisha, a warrior woman coming from the highest nobility. She was a fearsome leader on the battlefield, leading the troops herself from the frontlines.

Once every neighbouring little clan had been vanquished, a fragile peace was established during a few years, when she could take care of the education of her sons and daughters. Sadly, it was a short respite before Yoshitsune, the hidden bastard son of her husband, took up arms and killed his father and half brothers and sisters. All of them.

Lady Tomoe was the sole survivor, and wrecked her ship on the island after a long and terrible journey.

She kept her husband’s katana as a memento of her former life, so she may never forget the pain he caused to her beloved family, and never let go the anger buried in her belly.