Caring Mother

Keywords: Thoughtful – Kind – Housewife

Solveig comes from a danish tribe of hardy people. She is married to Knut.

The youngest of a dozen brothers and sisters, the meals were scarce and the punishments were daily in her young days, but the joy of growing up in a large family always warmed her big heart.

When she became of age, she married a strong and handsome warrior of the clan. Sadly, he wasn’t much home at first, leaving for months to rampage and pillage neighbouring rich shores, getting her pregnant each time he came back victorious.

This life was not perfect, but at least she was able to have this big family of her own that her heart desired.

That’s until most of their children died from a typhus epidemic and they got expelled from the clan with no apparent reason.

They sailed away with their newborn child to a new, better life.