Suspected Witch

Keywords: AuntEccentricBlunt

Moira is the sister of Blodeuwedd. She is the eccentric aunt of the family, always scheming something strange in her quirky mind.

The fact that she wasn’t already married at her age was a big gossip talk in their village, and nasty rumors soon started to fly. The most persistent one being that she were a Wytch and that she ate her mates after a night of pleasure…

None of these were true, fortunately. Or overly exaggerated, at least.

Being a wild and free spirit, she is an adept of extreme solutions to problems, that can lead to more harm than good. But when the situation is really dire, like being stranded in an unknown land with unknown dangers, her extravagant ideas can make the difference between life and death. Maybe. But at least it will be fun.