Crippled Warrior

Keywords: Short Tempered Bitter Blacksmith

Knut comes from a danish tribe of fierce warriors. He is married to Solveig.

One cannot say that they were very lucky in life. Knut being forced out of the village warriors after he lost his leg during a fight, he became by necessity a bitter and below average blacksmith. He also became very despotic with his family.

Then, their numerous children perished one after another to a typhus epidemic, none of them exceeding the age of twelve.

One day, the Jarl’s guards stormed into his house and bluntly took Knut and his wife to the Jarl, to endure his judgement. They were expelled from the village, condemned to run as exiles as far as possible to avoid a certain death.

Knut never accepted to explain to his wife the true reasons behind their exile.