Restless Adventurer

Keywords: DaughterMoodyFierce

Kari is the teenage daughter of Eirik and Blodeuwedd. Quite the opposite of her nurturing mother and quiet father, she lives for the thrill.

Quick and agile, she knew how to fire a bow before she learned to talk. She persistently asks her father to take her with him on hunting trips, as much because she loves hunting as because she hates staying at home with her mother, who persistently tries to make her learn to cook, knit, and whatnot.

She doesn’t have any girl friends. She finds them too annoying with all their talks, talks, talks… She prefers spending time with boys and their warrior’s training, but sadly she isn’t very popular among them since she’d surpass any guy in nearly any physical activity. And they don’t like it.

She is totally excited by the opportunities offered by this new land they crashed on, oblivious of the dangers that lie ahead.