The Black Monk

Keywords: Seductive – Vengeful – Pirate

Eustache was the youngest son of a french noble family. The path to his father’s titles barred by his older brothers, his mother sent him to the benedictine monks.

He left the abbey after his father’s assassination, with only bitterness and vengeance in his pockets. He exiled himself to Spain to study fencing, and some say, black magic. He then enlisted at the service of the Count of Boulogne, to whom he demanded justice for his father.

But he faced the harsh truth of noble schemes and lost his trial, meaning all his land and titles, to the filthy Count.

He gutted him clean and well. Then he wrecked havoc on the northern seas as a pirate known as the Black Monk. His reign of terror lasted a good decade before he entered in a terrible fight with a viking longship, leaving him for dead on a drifting piece of wood. He wrecked on the island, more dead than alive.