Unwilling Hero

Keywords: HusbandFatherBastard

Eirik’s only ambition was to live a quiet family life and enjoy simple pleasures. A good day of work, a fine beer at the fireside, to see his beloved daughter grow and blossom every year that passed, these were the only things that mattered.

When Hagbard, brother of the old Jarl, sent men to burn his home, screaming “Death to the bastard!”, he quickly understood that the gods had another plan for him… And it was not a pleasant one.

He managed to escape with some of his family, embarked on a small drakkar and fled the country. After seven days of eldricht storms, the poor vessel grounded far to the west, on an uncharted island at the end of the world.

Eirik will do anything to protect his family on this new, but hopefully hospitable land. Yet the remorse for being the cause of all this suffering, that he feels deep inside, will last forever.